How to Add Selenium Dependency to Maven?

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Learn how to add Selenium dependency to Maven, a dependency management tool for Java projects. This blog post will provide step-by-step instructions on how to install Selenium to Maven, including how to find the correct Maven Selenium dependency, add it to your project, and verify that it has been added correctly.

Introduction to Maven

Maven is a dependency management tool for Java projects. It helps you to organize your project’s dependencies, download them from the internet, and manage their versions. Maven is a popular tool for Java developers, and it can be used to build a wide variety of Java applications.

Finding the Selenium Maven Dependency

The first step to adding Selenium Maven dependency is to find the correct selenium maven dependency. You can find the Maven selenium dependency on the Maven Central Repository. To do this, go to the Maven Central Repository website and search for “selenium-java”.

Once you have found the maven selenium dependency, you will need to copy the dependency coordinates. The dependency coordinates are a set of values that identify the dependency, such as the group ID, artifact ID, and version.

Adding the Selenium dependency to Maven

Once you have copied the dependency coordinates, you can add the Maven selenium dependency to your project. To do this, open the pom.xml file for your project and add the following dependency to the dependencies element:

Code snippet


Verifying the Selenium dependency to Maven

Once you have added the Selenium dependency to your project, you can verify that it has been added correctly. To do this, run the following command:

Code snippet

mvn dependency:tree

This command will print a list of all of the dependencies in your project, including the Selenium dependency.

External Link to Maven Documentation

For more information on adding dependencies to Maven, please refer to the official Maven documentation:


What is the Maven version command?

mvn -v

How to print the maven dependency tree?

mvn dependency:tree

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